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Grand Opening

It’s the “Grand Opening” of Debbie Gross, focusing my full attention now on being an advocate for the administrative profession, sharing insights and passion on what it takes to create excellence in the role.
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Time is on my side

As an administrative professional for well over 30 years I can tell you that the number one, most challenging responsibility I have ever had was to manage time, both my executive’s and my own. I thought I was pretty good at it in my early 2o’s and didn’t really think much about it but then…
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Early Days at Cisco – Shock absorbers required!

It was my first day at Cisco supporting John Chambers, Senior Vice President of World-Wide Sales and I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I had high hopes of really making an impression and a difference for my new executive and to learn all there was to know about him and the…
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Executive Assistant At Cisco…What Was I Thinking?!

Embrace Uncertainty…Some of the Most Beautiful Chapters In Our Lives Won’t Have Titles Until Much Later  – Bob Goff I got my ‘lucky’ break in my career when I got a call one day from a recruiter from a little known company named cisco. He was asking me if I wanted to come in for an interview…
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I’m an Executive Assistant…Now What?

So, there I was, having just joined the ranks of those in the start-up world, today was my first day on the job as an Executive Assistant working for two executives who I barely knew anything about.   One of my executives was a very laid-back, grounded guy who was the VP of manufacturing.  He was…
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To Be an Executive Assistant…Are You Kidding Me?

I believe that the successes in my career have always happened because I listened to my inner spiritual voice pushing me out of my comfort zone. Scary, heck yea! Each time I faced that fear of stepping out and taking a new road, amazing things happened for me. Sometimes challenging and sometimes good however always…
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