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Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at a women's event centered around the theme of "Opportunity." It was an exciting "opportunity" for me, as I reflected on my own journey and the pivotal role that seizing opportunities has played in shaping my career.

Undoubtedly, along the way, I made mistakes. Some were painful, but each taught me valuable lessons about myself, my strengths, and my aspirations. My career path has been diverse, starting from flipping burgers to warehouse duties, payroll, and even sales. As these roles presented themselves to me, I looked at them as opportunities to learn new and unique lessons and experiences.

One significant opportunity arose when I accepted a position as a customer service manager at a small technology firm. Comfortable in my role, I never anticipated what came next: an executive assistant role at a startup. Despite the unfamiliarity and uncertainty, I took the leap, driven by the promise of growth and a higher salary.

Unfortunately, the startup folded, leaving me jobless. However, this setback fueled my determination to pursue a career as an executive assistant. A pivotal moment came when I interviewed at Cisco, despite the commute. That decision transformed my career trajectory.

Throughout my 26-year journey at Cisco, I continued to embrace opportunities for growth. From leading administrative teams to spearheading initiatives like the reward and recognition program, I thrived in roles that challenged me to expand my skill set.

When the time came for a new chapter, I chose entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I pivoted to virtual teaching and speaking engagements. It was a testament to the resilience fostered by embracing opportunities, even in adversity.

William Bridges once said, "Change comes more from managing the journey than from announcing the destination." This resonates deeply with me as I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of opportunity.

Embracing opportunities, even when they scare us, can lead us closer to our dreams. So, when opportunity knocks, answer boldly—it could be your dream calling.


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