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Being Let Go – Letting Go

In these uncertain economic times, numerous companies are adopting Limited Restructuring (LR) plans, impacting thousands of employees worldwide—a phenomenon not witnessed in recent years. My former employer, where I spent 26 years, recently announced such a plan, leading to the layoff of four thousand employees, both locally and internationally. Similar actions have been taken by major companies like Meta and Google.

The abruptness of these layoffs left many employees reeling, experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, including anger, sadness, and fear. I recall my early days as a sales assistant at a renowned tech firm in the Bay Area, where I cherished my work and the outstanding team I was part of. My dedication was recognized with numerous awards, accolades, and management opportunities. However, the unforeseen came to pass during a lunch with my leader, where I learned that my role was being eliminated due to organizational restructuring. Despite being a model employee, I was devastated, especially since I had to vacate my desk by week's end for security reasons.

The following month was particularly challenging, marked by severe depression and loss. It took my husband's intervention to make me realize I was losing myself in despair. This realization prompted me to move past my circumstances and seek new opportunities. Embracing this mindset, I turned job hunting into my new vocation, armed with an updated resume and guidance from Martin Yate's "Knock’em Dead," a book that became my interview prep guide. This eventually led to securing a role as Executive Assistant to John Chambers.

Now, as a teacher and career coach, I assist others in navigating job loss, transitions, and career shifts. By highlighting their achievements and preparing them for interviews, I help rebuild their confidence. Despite the challenges, I encourage them to stay positive, drawing inspiration from Dory the Blue Fish in "Finding Nemo" with the motto, "Just keep swimming."

In today’s volatile job market, it’s crucial to continuously update your resume, highlighting new skills and accomplishments. Losing a job, especially one you love, can be a disguised opportunity for a fresh start and a better role. Maintain a positive outlook and keep networking. Remember, letting go is not an end but a journey towards new beginnings and extraordinary experiences.


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