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Having had a long and successful business partnership working for a well renowned CEO as Chief Executive Assistant for 30 plus years, I understand what it takes to create an excellent business relationship from both sides of the desk. I truly care about the success of the business partnership between an executive assistant and the executive.

My purpose and passion now is to show administrative professionals how to become exceptional so that the executive they support sees the benefits, recognizes and values the role and that relationship.


Mission & Vision:

Raising awareness of the importance and value an administrative professional can bring to the executive they support through training, coaching and education, creating an exceptional business partnership and ultimately changing the perception of the administrative role in today’s business world.

My Core Values:

Stimulating Creativity

Steadfast Dependability

Conscientious Honesty

Constant Inspiration

Infectious Passion


A variety of workshops focused on topics ranging from business relationships, successful communication, time & calendar management and administrative excellence.

Client Feedback

Dear Debbie, I want to express my appreciation for you. I am and will
always be grateful. You saw something in me that makes me the person I
am today! The memory of our first meeting is still fresh in my heart and
mind. I was thinking to myself how lucky all the people are who get
coaching from you and then because you believed in me and took me under
your wing, here I am today, from just a job to a real career.

The Unstoppable me!


Executive Assistant to Dana Waldman

I had an awesome 'pick-your-brain' conversation with Debbie last week.
Let me tell you she is a powerhouse of information/advice. I had a
situation I needed an unbiased 3rd party point of view and she gave me her
spin on things and my problem is solved. I strongly suggest other EA's,
PA's and AA's swing by her website and check out her offerings. It's well
worth it.

Marie Hooper

Sr. Executive Assistant

…thank you for the excellent and useful information on strategies for mastering your executive’s calendar.  I have been an Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of our organization for 10 years… have found myself overwhelmed and defeated when I look back at the end of the day consumed by the calendar.  Thanks to your workshop I am encouraged to take measurable and realistic steps to gaining a better sense of control over my day and my executive’s calendar!

Helen Benson – Executive assistant

Just wanted to get in touch and thank you. You were truly wonderful and your ability to present important information and “life in the day of an Administrative Professional” type lessons in such an engaging manner were amazing!  What you had to say inspired and impacted each and every one of us in some very important and meaningful ways and I was fortunate to have been there to hear you speak!

Iris Kabert – Executive assistant