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The Destination…

I recently was asked to conduct a training workshop on goal setting. To be honest, I was not very excited about going through the process of creating a workshop on setting goals because I have already done it for myself and taught it to others. There is a lot of information and “how-to’s” out there today on this subject and while I understand the importance of goal setting for success in life and career it can be a boring subject to teach. Goal setting can also lead to disappointment when we don't achieve what we set out to - It can be overwhelming and often lead to procrastination, which is something I personally struggle with.

So, I decided to shift my perspective on this training. Instead of using the word "goal", I am now using the word "destination". A destination is where we want to be, what we want to be doing, and, most importantly, it's where our dreams live and breathe.

Setting a destination is the easy part. It doesn't have to be a big one, it can be a small one. It can become our compass. The hard part is knowing when you want to reach it!

As I reflect on my personal and professional experiences, some of the destinations I have cherished include financial success, obtaining a teaching certification, venturing into entrepreneurship, and writing my first book. As you read this, take a moment to think about where you're headed in life. Visualizing your destination is one of the easiest things you can do as you embark on your journey. What does it look like when you get there? How do you feel when you arrive? Some people create vision boards to keep their goals in sight and remind themselves of where they're going. 

Just like any trip, we need to plan and know what to bring along.

I needed to identify the necessary skills, capabilities, and strengths it was going to take to achieve my destinations, and one of my biggest strengths is creativity.  This is a strength which I carry with me like a well-worn travel suitcase, adding value to every destination. 

Just like during travel, to reach our destination successfully we must double-check our compass to make sure we are on the right path. Along with what we have already packed, we may need to plan our route and make specific stops along the way in terms of adding to our suitcase of skills. Some of those stops I made where I knew I needed additional assistance were:

  • Exposure: Exposing myself to data such as reading materials in areas of my interest.  I also networked with experts as well as found at least 2 mentors that I could learn from.
  • Experience: there is nothing better than gaining a little experience along the way to help reach the destination. I created templates and processes to increase my effectiveness and I stepped up to leadership by creating teams focused on initiatives important to our company and started coaching and mentoring others too.
  • Education: as my leader, John Chambers, often quoted “Education is the great equalizer in life” and that is so true.  I took on-line training courses, webinars, continued reading and even hired several coaches in my career.

Planning your route is not just about knowing the stops you need to make. It's essential to decide when you want to arrive at your destination based on your planned stops. To ensure that I stayed on track, I added key dates to my calendar and set reminders. There were roadblocks along the way, and one of the most significant obstacles I faced was procrastination, which I still struggle with occasionally today.  I have found that by taking “little” steps that won’t overwhelm me helps me get back on my journey,

Naturally, there are detours that we tend to take when unexpected events disrupt our plans. I too, have faced such situations, such as financial crises. The crucial factor in staying on track towards achieving your destination is to: 

  • Acknowledge the situation and keep at it (persistence pays off)
  • Pat yourself on the back occasionally in terms of what you have already accomplished and how far you have already come.
  • Celebrate your wins, even little ones, or big ones!

You can absolutely see your dreams become your reality because Life is a journey that has a lot of different paths but any path we choose, use it as your destination and your destiny.


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