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A Beach Chair Awaits!

Banner Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I do not know how many times since I have been coaching and training administrative professionals that I have heard … “I am just too busy to….” Or “I have too much to do to….” when they share with me that they just do not have any time to themselves, and they are overwhelmed with their workloads. They just roll their eyes when I ask, “why don’t you take some time off”? The typical reply is “I will when….”.

It seems to me that administrative professionals feel that they are at their leaders’ and organizations’ beck and call 24/7.

It begs me to ask the question…Why?

What is even crazier is when I see administrative professionals working and doing emails while they are supposedly ON vacation! I hear;

“I might miss something back at the office.”

“They can’t do this without my help.”

“I don’t fully trust the person I left in charge.”

Hey… we charge up our “smart phones” batteries practically every chance we get because when we do not, they just stop working. Why don’t we charge up our own spiritual batteries for the same reason?

Plan to ‘re-charge’! There is a beach chair waiting for you whether it is on a beach, a lake or even in your own backyard! Put the laptop and the smart phone away – we only get one life that we know of, so I am going to ask that you take some time for yourself. Time to rejuvenate so that you can get back into the ‘thick of things’ fully recharged and ready to be an absolute Office Rockstar!


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