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The Pot

Banner image from – Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

When I take my walks in the morning, I often pass this one home that has what looks like it was at one time a live Christmas tree in a plastic pot. It is obvious to me that the tree has outgrown the pot given that the pot is cracked and falling apart, and you can see that the tree is trying to keep growing even though it is still constrained.

It got me thinking about how we like that tree sometimes stay where we are planted for longer than we should and that we might be straining to grow too even though we might not know it.

Why not periodically replant ourselves in new soil where our roots can continue to spread deep and our branches can grow upward and ever outward, catching all that life has to offer us.

Here is to the freedom to “Grow” and not be fearful of life outside of the pot.

I would love to hear how you have grown personally this year and how your life as changed when you decided to step outside of your “pot”… Comment here

Just know.. that I know.. that you are a Rockstar!

Much love,


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