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Worry Is a Waste

Let me start by saying that I have been and probably always will be a bit of a worrier and I am working on it because Worry is a wasted emotion that creates anxiety and doubt that I simply don’t need! Do you?

I just recently took my first trip out of the country by myself to do an “in-room” training, (does flying to Vancouver from San Francisco, Ca., Canada count?)

It was also the first time I had ever reserved a UBER the day before. I was worried if the driver would pick me up on time to make my flight out of San Francisco.

Once the flight landed in Vancouver –I worried about how I would get through customs and find the baggage claim. I can tell you I got my steps in as I logged 1.6 miles from the arrival gate through customs. I worried about whether my bag would make it. I worried about whether I would be able to find where the ride app location would be to get an UBER to the hotel. FYI, every airport seems to have a specific locations for taxis and app rides, and they are either upstairs, downstairs or outside the arrival’s door in their own special place, one just never knows.

Once I arrived at the hotel, it was my plan after I checked in to pick up the training package that had been sent to the hotel ahead of my arrival. It contained the registration roster for all 39 participants, their name cards, and the workbooks. No one seemed to know where that package was. I was truly worried as to where it could be. What if the package was lost or hadn’t made it? I wanted to view the training room to make sure it was set up the way I liked it and found out that the room was unavailable and locked until the following morning when the event manager arrived at 7:30 AM. Now I was worried about whether I would be able to get into the room in time to set up everything. Registration started at 8:30 AM and I was worried I wouldn’t have time to set everything up and be able to welcome the participants.

On the day of the training, I arrived promptly at 7:30 AM to meet the event manager (who by the way was an absolute delight). He had it all under control (thank you!)  

This was for a group of amazing 39 administrative assistants and I’ll admit I had some anxiety and worry. This was the biggest in-room training I had given since COVID-19 hit in 2020. I was worried as to whether my in-room training skills would come back to me. When I was ready to depart the hotel that Friday, the pending Labor Day holiday weekend had me worried. The news stated there would be huge crowds (and lines) at the airport. I worried about having to wait in a long line to check in. I worried about finding my gate for departure in time. Vancouver is a beautiful airport however it is vast!

As you can see, I believed I had a lot to worry about so...

As I stated in the beginning, Worry is just a wasted emotion and doesn’t do any of us any good.

So instead of worrying about things here are the tools I used, and still do use:

  1. I do everything I can to stay positive and have faith that things WILL work out the way they are SUPPOSED to. (I tend to say to myself phrases that keep me thinking positively such as “I am going to make this work!” or “It will be amazing today”)
  2. I will be grateful for even the little things that happen. (always writing in my Gratitude journal)
  3. Realize that if things don’t go as I planned or hoped, I will create a new narrative and make a new plan.

As a result, ...

On the day of departure to Vancouver, my Uber driver arrived at my home earlier than I expected and I was at least an hour ahead of my flight departure – I was able to grab some lunch. I made it through customs in Vancouver without a hitch and my bag was right there on the baggage belt waiting for me. I found out where to pick up my Uber without any issues, (it was just right outside the arrival doors)

I learned that the missing package had been placed in the conference room the day before (so at least I knew where it was now, and it was safe).

I was able to get into the conference room right at 7:30 AM and there I met Rohan, an incredible event manager who had it all under control and then I met Heather. She was there to assist me with the room setup and registration. Both of them were my Guardian “Angels” that day.

The participants were very engaged, and my in-room training skills came back naturally right away – yeah! Everyone, including me, thoroughly enjoyed the class and all the information exchanged.

On the day of departure, my Uber driver arrived right on schedule and got me to the airport in plenty of time. The line was not all that long, and I got to my departure gate an hour early. It was an amazing adventure, a great trip, meeting new people and faith and positivity carried me through it all.

What was I worried about?


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