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Spring is in the air!

I look at this month of May, (my favorite month), as the true beginning of spring.  When the trees begin to bloom and the days get warmer, it feels as though life is re-awakening from winter sleep.

May is also a month signaling the change of season from winter to spring and just like the seasons, as human beings, we too experience change many times over. We are in a constant state of change, some we welcome, some we do not; however, we cannot stop it because the only constant IS change

In my career, I remember at least three changes and ‘seasons’ I went through that resulted in the person I am today. I call these seasons the 3-R’sRefining, Redefining and Reinventing.

Becoming an executive assistant to John Chambers was one of those seasons of “refining.”  I thought I knew what it took to support John and boy, I was wrong! He absolutely taught me key things that I needed to truly become more than just his executive assistant, but to become his business partner. I had to think like an executive!

The second season in my career where I had to “redefine” my role was when John became CEO. That was a huge change for me, and I knew I would need to take on more leadership skills in my position. I initiated the first executive assistant staff meeting with all 13 senior executive assistants, and it was the first time we had ever all gotten together. It was a wonderful way to build relationships with each other. I also started four administrative team initiatives focused on mentorship, reward, recognition, and learning/development.

The third moment in my career and in my professional life where change occurred was when John and I had finally decided to ‘retire’ from Cisco and go our separate ways. That was the season I had to entirely “reinvent” myself beyond the executive assistant role. Now I was to become an entrepreneur and build my own business career coaching service in order to help other administrative professionals become “Office Rockstars.”
And for all of us as administrative professionals there is yet another season that may be with us for an exceptionally long time, the season of hybrid work due to the pandemic. During these crazy times ahead, we will all absolutely be continuing to experience one of the 3-R’s – embrace it as it is the journey that all “life” goes through.
Continue to Be a Rockstar!

Yours Truly,

Debbie Gross


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