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I’ve been in the administrative industry for decades. I hate to say it, but as the profession has expanded and evolved, executive assistant training hasn’t moved as quickly. For many organizations and companies, the perception of the role is so outdated. Administrative excellence is about more than answering the phone, getting coffee and taking notes. It’s about being a strategic business partner.

To perform at their very best, assistants (or executives) shouldn’t have to learn everything ‘the hard way.’ To reach next-level success, you need next-level executive assistant tools and resources. What I teach, you won’t find in a textbook. See below for more information on my speaking, training and workshops, coaching and consulting.

  • Coaching & Consultant
    I offer consulting services and one-on-one coaching that give you the keys to grow and thrive while overcoming your greatest challenges.

    I know how to solve and create a path forward for administrative professionals because I’ve been there. The counsel I offer is based on real-world experience and proven methods that take professionals from “just my assistant” to “my trusted business partner.” My clients count on me to give them actionable and realistic steps that lead to less stress and more success at work.

    Leadership training and professional development don’t have to be boring or dreadful. My interactive workshops teach administrative professionals how to be the best executive assistant and achieve results. Here is a snapshot of my top 10 training topics:

    • Creating a Successful Business Partnership – Are you striving to be a business partner vs. “just” an administrative support person? This workshop shows you how to build that long-lasting relationship that helps both you and your executive thrive.
    • Rev-Up Your Brand: Executive Presence! – You may not realize it, but is your personal brand holding you back from advancing in your career? Your executive presence and brand speak volumes about you. Let’s polish it and make sure you always stand out.
    • The Resume That Gets Results – You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve submitted your resume, but you’ve yet to snag the phone interview. This workshop walks you through how to attract a recruiter’s attention, stand out from the competition, and get that candidate callback.
    • Building a Great Team – The Recipe For Organizational Success – This workshop looks at the essence of what true teamwork is all about and how great collaboration leads to organizational results and ultimate success. As in a recipe in a recipe book, we will explore all the various ingredients that make up a high performing team and how to get there.
    • Communicating With Confidence – Do you often wish you could express yourself more freely when talking to your executive? Do you cringe at having to have difficult conversations? I’ll show you the strategies and best practices that will help you communicate clearly and confidently.
    • Time Management – There never seems to be enough time in the day. You’re constantly feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. To deliver your best, you have to manage your time effectively. This workshop shows you how to reclaim your time and your sanity.
    • Managing The Executive’s Calendar – The Great Challenge – Do you ever find yourself saying, “There’s no way I can squeeze one more meeting into my executive’s calendar today!” This workshop will focus on strategies that help you streamline scheduling.
    • The Art of Influence – When You Have No Authority – You may not be in a position of authority, but you do have influence. As administrative professionals, we have to influence others on a daily basis in order to be successful. This workshop will teach tips and techniques to activate your influence, especially when working with challenging colleagues.
    • Interviewing to Impress – So, you have been on multiple interviews that you felt it went well only to be told that someone else was a better fit? This rejection can become disheartening and if we are not careful, we can lose confidence in ourselves. This workshop focuses on the various components and strategies of interviewing to help you get hired.
    • Administrative Excellence – Become Recognized & Indispensable – Workshops can be tailored to fit specific needs and can be modified to accommodate an hour, half-day or full-day. For more details and pricing please contact Debbie and let’s connect!

  • Virtual Workshops & Webinars
    My workshops are engaging, interactive and transformative to each and every attendee. My goal is to empower administrative professionals to be the best executive assistants they can be.

    Length: 120 – 150 min. each

    Here is what you will get with my workshop. Each session includes hand-outs, lecture notes/exercises, and pre-work to get you started.

    1. Creating Successful Business Partnerships
    2. Communicating with Confidence
    3. Rev-Up Your Brand: Executive Presence
    4. Building A Great Team – The Recipe For Organizational Success
    5. Time Management
    6. Managing Your Executives Calendar
    7. The Art of Influence when you have no Authority
    8. * NEW *Preparing Your Ship (Career) for The Weather Ahead
    9. * NEW * Thinking Like A Business Partner
    10. Signature Program: Becoming An Office Rockstar – The Office Rockstar Playbook – How to Make the Right Plays To Become Strategic. 6 modules – 120 – 150 min. each | Tiered Pricing based on the number of students. Includes hand-outs, lectures, and exercises. The Office Rockstar Playbook is now available for sale!
    11. Downloadable Workshop: The EA’s Guide To Working Remote – 4 modules- 30 min. each | Price: $197.00 – includes hand-outs –individual-  work at your own pace
    12. Coaching Circle: 60 min coaching/discussion session (up to 25 students). Contact for details.
    13. Resume Review/Editing Services: Prices Vary, please contact me for details

  • Speaking
    I am so grateful that I have had wonderful opportunities to speak to admin professionals and executives from across the world. I’ve served as the keynote speaker for administrative professionals conferences throughout the United States, London, Melbourne, Sydney and Dubai. I only believe in delivering a high-energy, fun, and engaging experience. When I step on that stage, we’re going to enjoy, learn and level-up TOGETHER. Here are a few of my speaking topics:


    1. Office Rockstar Playbook- Making the Right Plays to Become Strategic

    2. No Limits- Seeing Beyond Our Administrative Roles

    3. A Tribute to The Power Of The Administrative Professional

    4. The Wow Factor of Communication

    5. The Power of Emotional Intelligence – Winning the Game

    6. Executive Assistant Leadership

    Interested in having Debbie come and speak at your event or organization? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly. Thank you!

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