We’ve all seen those signs and banners right?

Hmmm…is something exciting about to happen? Wonder if it could be a new restaurant opening up? Maybe it’s that innovative apartment high-rise recently built?

In this case it’s neither.

Sharing stories of my amazing career and the lessons I have learned along the way has been a great journey for me so far and believe me, I have many more yet to tell.

Now it’s time to tell an entirely new story.

It’s the “Grand Opening” of Debbie Gross, focusing my full attention now on being an advocate for the administrative profession, sharing insights and passion on what it takes to create excellence in the role.

I had the ideal career as Chief Executive Assistant working for an amazing CEO making a great income.

Why did I leave the executive assistant profession when I could have continued down that path?  I listened to my inner voice.

While working at Cisco and also at UCSC Extension in Santa Clara, I taught and mentored thousands of Administrative Professionals. I discovered that teaching and inspiring others in the administrative profession to be the absolute best they can be is my TRUE passion and purpose.

In this next chapter of my life, my strongest desire is to see the profession recognized.  To have the world acknowledge that this is much more than just a support position.

It is a powerful role that should be highly valued and recognized by management the way my own executive valued me.  I feel that the key to a company’s overall success is based on operational excellence, which means having well trained and highly motivated administrative professionals working at their optimum best!

I learned from the best, became the best, and I have helped thousands of administrative professionals around the world achieve recognized strategic partnerships with their principals, I know I can show YOU how it’s done.

When you walk into ‘my shop’ you won’t find shoes, accessories or the latest fashions.  Instead, you will get a sense that there is real inspiration and passion in the air. You will see in the window the model of what an exceptional and valued executive assistant looks like. You’ll find many examples of best practices, tips and strategies that I developed that work in real life. These tools made me successful over the 26 years in my career working for one of the most demanding, fast moving, detail-oriented executives in the corporate world!

As the proprietor of this shop of knowledge, I share all the gifts I have received through my years as an executive assistant from time management, communication skills and strategic thinking.  Remaining steadfast and dependable, I am a committed coach and advocate for the profession!  I am a guide to take others out of their comfort zones.  On the shop counters you will see my specialties; encouragement, motivation, building confidence and sparking creativity!

But wait…there’s more!

When you leave, you will have a new voice. One that speaks up with confidence.  Any anxiety and self-doubt will have dissipated. You will now be considered a valued member of the team as you use the tools you have been given. You will think strategically and communicate effectively.  Your management team will now recognize the tremendous value you bring to them.

Welcome to my Grand Opening!  https://debbiegross.com

Come on in and take a look around – you just might find the career of your dreams!

New Year Special! Give yourself a gift to start the New Year – receive 1 hour of personal career coaching for $75.00. (a $175.00 value) if you schedule before Jan. 25th, 2019

To schedule email me: debbie@debbiegross.com